• Bling cups

    Bling cups are custom designed to match your carnival costume or fete outfit, or choose one of our beautiful ready-made fete cups.

    · double walled acrylic (to help keep your drinks cooler for longer)
    · wide mouth jar opening (to easily fill your bling cup with lots of ice)
    · 16oz capacity (to save you having to go to the bar all the time)
    · glitter and gems (sparkle wherever you go)
    · reusable (better for the environment than disposable cups)
    · lightweight (much lighter than glass)

  • Earrings
  • Fanny packs
  • Headbands | Armbands
  • Nipple covers

    Gorgeously soft and comfortable nipple pasties in your choice of colors. Beautiful festival fashion, to protect you from exposing your nipples when at Carnival, j'ouvert or in a rave.

  • Pee Cup
  • Stockings

    Gorgeous sparkly glitter Caribbean Carnival fishnet tights stockings. Let your legs shine on the road, in a fete or at a Rave. Comfortable elastic waistband can be worn low-rise or up high, depending on your preference/ costume. Choose our new V Cut style for super skimpy monokini style costumes

  • Sunglasses

    Rhinestone sunglasses to enhance your Carnival costume or fete outfit. Choose from our range of ready-made bling sunnies or have them custom designed to match your Carnival Costume.

  • Thongs

    Skin toned underwear designed to be discreetly worn under low cut, thong and monokini Carnival costumes

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